Finding a Good Lawyer in St. Catharines Niagara
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When You Need a Lawyer in St. Catharines and Niagara

business and family lawyer in st. catharines

A Lawyer in St. Catharines Right When You Need One

Hello and welcome to my website!  It does contain a bio but I thought you might like to get know a little more about me an my Niagara law practise.  After all, if you need a lawyer in St. Catharines and Niagara, for corporate business law, family law, or real estate law, finding the right lawyer is extremely important.

nicole cardin st. catharines lawyer corporate real estateFirst though, I want to make a disclaimer.  I’m going to be publishing articles, on the subject of “’the law” on a fairly frequent basis, so I want to emphasize the fact that I will be speaking in generalizations only! 

The law relates to us all, however, no two situations are alike and what reads as good advice could actually be the exact opposite action needed to solve your problem.  

So please, I beg of you, do not act on the basis of anything you read here.  My blog is here to give you a starting point and that is all.  THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE!

That being said, I AM HERE TO HELP!  

If you want legal advice for business law or family law in Niagara, please reach out.  I am happy to take your calls and answer your emails. I offer free consultations as well.  You can book your own appointments directly on this website.  

As you will see I work in a variety of areas, business, real estate and family law to name a few, but if I don’t think I can help you I will certainly point you in the direction of someone who can.  The priority here is you and getting you the legal advice that you need.

Outside of Being a Niagara Lawyer, Who is Nicole Cardin?

Nicole Cardin Loves Winer - Corporate Law St. Catharines NiagaraA bit about me!  Winter is my favorite season but I despise being cold. I love to eat but am a terrible cook. Snowboarding is a passion of mine, so is yoga, and I love dogs.  I spent 12 years playing softball in the summers but a ball to the face left me with a broken nose and a pretty nice scar so I don’t do that anymore.   

My friends and family are very important to me.  I lived outside Ontario for 13 years and moved home to be closer to them.  I also love the Niagara Region.  

I think it is a beautiful part of the world with a lot of potential for growth, culturally and in business.  Part of why I decided to start my law practise here was to help my clients take advantage of the all the opportunities the Niagara Region offers.


How the Law Found Nicole

Professionally, I always knew I would become a lawyer.  This is my second career but law school was always the goal.  The law is everywhere.  It affects every aspect of our lives and is not always easy to navigate.  I always wanted to go to law school because I wanted to help people and having a law degree allows me to do that in a variety of ways, because, like I said the law is everywhere.  I hope if we meet you will find me both approachable and a fierce advocate for your needs.  

Family Law in Niagara. Nicole Cardin.I am fortunate to have several fantastic mentors in my life, and time spent working under them has provided me with the working knowledge and experience to be able to branch out on my own.  Working as a sole practitioner has it disadvantage for certain, my office can get lonely, but the pros far outweigh the cons.  I have a modest office and I keep my overhead low, which means I can keep my fees low, which is a bonus for you!


Niagara Lawyer With a Creative Background

I also approach the law with a unique perspective.  I worked for some time as an editor in the film industry and I find working with film is very comparable to working with the law.  Both the editor and the lawyer are given a finite section of information and a specific framework, whether that’s a half hour television episode or a statement of claim, in order to present that information in a manner that communicates their clients’ stories.  

This takes creativity, and I believe that my work in film, combined with my formal training and work experience, have allowed me to develop a unique legal perspective, one that has so far allowed me to be successful on behalf of my clients.   


A Trustworthy Lawyer in Niagara

Whether you contact me for some proactive legal work, to draft a will or partnership agreement, or you have run into a legal tangle, I hope you will put my creative legal/mind to task!  I look forward to meeting you working hard on your behalf. And again, welcome.

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AUTHOR: Nicole Cardin

Nicole is friendly but hardworking lawyer who practices in most areas of law. She takes her work very seriously but herself not so much.

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